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Chameleon Artist Uses Her Body As Canvas
IIt’s no secret that artists put their soul into art they create, but not many of them are ready to do the same with bodies. One woman decided to literally become one with the art she makes.
Cecilia Paredes is a Peruvian artist whose latest exhibition tells a story of a human body, with the accent on female body, and its place and value in the world we’re living in. She uses her own body as a medium, covering it in paint or wrapping it up in fabric to blend in the background of her photographs. Sometimes she does such a good job it’s hard to recognize a human figure in the picture at the first glance. Cecilia uses colorful, mostly floral patterns, and camouflages her body in various poses with only her feet or hair giving her away.
The message she’s trying to send is that human body is a sacred, not a profane object, and something that should be regarded as miraculous and admired in the era of technological madness. By becoming one with the background, symbolizing nature, Cecilia implores us to reconnect with nature and become one with it, like we were in the ancient times.

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